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What do we do?

The Bigger Picture was started with the hope to transform public discourse for the better by creating a diverse forum for all opinions. We critically analyze events in a variety of fields like politics, sports, science, and technology through our articles.

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To say that the politics of the 21st century is difficult to comprehend would be an understatement. In this complicated world, we at The Bigger Picture feel it is important to help the reader form their opinion by highlighting facts, rather than forming the reader's opinion on our own.

Social Issues

Society is constantly changing and evolving, and new issues surface before we have entirely solved old ones. In such a scenario, we feel it is necessary to bring such issues to light to ensure individuals and communities make informed decisions that work towards improvement.

Technology became irreplaceable quite some time ago, and advancements are now occurring at a fascinating, and perhaps alarming, rate. The Bigger Picture focuses on the most significant developments in this field to ensure that readers remain up to date.

The thrill of a last-minute goal, basket, or shot is unparalleled. Sports bring enthusiasts together regardless of their past, present, and future. The Bigger Picture's sports section provides an in-depth analysis of sports teams across different sports to help readers visualize the sporting landscape. 

Science is used to solve any kind of problem faced by society and has the potential to advance the human civilization. It is critical that the dissemination of scientific information is unbiased. Our articles are based on this core principle, and serve to provide insight into recent developments in the field.

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