Recent Developments in AI & Technology

AI has always been one of the hot topics which have intrigued everybody. Given the astonishing rate at which research is being carried out in this “industry of the future”, it is not surprising that we find it difficult to keep up with the latest breakthroughs and inventions.

A lot of progress has been made in this field, and the following list highlights (a few of) the most important and significant inventions which make it look like the future will bring even more amazing things with it. So, here are four of the most astonishing developments in Artificial Intelligence and technology in general:

1. Dactyl

OpenAI, a company based in San Francisco, California, has successfully trained a robot hand called Dactyl to manipulate objects in various ways. Dactyl autonomously learned skills like pivoting fingers, sliding objects with its fingers, and finger-gaiting, which means grasping objects and shifting gripping techniques. Dactyl has adopted to the real-world environment and its performance gets better as more and more simulations are run. No human input is given, which makes this a significant result in autonomous applications.

This has a huge amount of potential. Hands can then be trained to pick up small objects and help professionals like doctors who often need surgical instruments in the middle of a tense operation. People who have trouble bending due to back problems can also be helped using an extended and more complex version of this bot hand.

OpenAI has also succeeded in training Dactyl to solve the Rubik’s cube in a separate project.

2. Lovot

The uncertain times inflict melancholic feelings and mental distress, which is detrimental for our personal development. If this distress seeps through personal relationships, it causes even more chaos. To eliminate such incidents, Lovot has been created by a Japanese startup, Groove X. This emotional robotic model senses the mood and reacts accordingly to elevate the mood. People who interacted with the robot when its final production model was unveiled in 2020 stated that the robot performs really well in a crowded environment and it isn’t afraid of initiating conversation with strangers as well.

This can be an ideal addition to any home to create a more peaceful and loving environment. Lovot uses machine learning to recognise what kind of a person you are and actions which you normally do, and over time it learns situations and starts giving accurate responses. The technology uses 50 onboard sensors and multiple sensors to function and respond to a situation with the appropriate behaviour, which is remarkably realistic and resembles a human being at a high level.

3. HTC Vive Pro Eye VR

As the name suggests, HTC Vive Pro Eye is a video game component tailored for precision eye-tracking, giving users a premium immersive experience. This VR component allows eye movements and blinks in virtual avatars (Like every sci-fi fanatic’s dream). It shows expressive, non-verbal interactions in conferences, discussion groups and remote collaboration, thus bringing customized experiences for the user. It has a refresh rate of 90 Hz and is the most impressive VR headset technically speaking. It comfortably beats the Oculus Rift in terms of performance and video quality.

4. Kuri Mobile Robot

The year 2020 was such that everyone got a chance to stay with their family and to spend quality time. To reinforce this experience, the Kuri Mobile Robot is a home robot integrated with sensors that interact with the user and also the members of the family. It can also capture videos like your cat playing around in the house when you’re not there and then play them for you later.

It has been described as an Amazon Echo on wheels, since it has all the same features but can also move around while keeping you company. Unfortunately, Kuri was cancelled in 2018 by its developer Mayfield Robotics due to business issues.

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